The Theme Wedding is definitely one of the best wedding planners in town!

At first, I thought I would not need a wedding planner so did most of the sourcing and connecting with vendors on my own, but when it all came down to the big day, I realized that I needed someone who was super organized. I knew that I had to find someone who really knew what they were doing and pays a lot of attention to detail to logistics (which I lack).

Vicky was highly recommended by one of my best friends and bridesmaid Mandy, and my husband Colin and I were eternally grateful for her services and their help in the background.

They have a lot of experience in running big weddings and have lots of strong connections with reputable hotels and vendors. They are also prompt in replying me or whatever concerns I had prior to my wedding day, and gave us lots of tips and helped us find last minute vendors which helped a LOT when you have so much on your plate as a bride-to-be. When you receive an alphabetical guest list for 33 tables, you know that these people are very professional and know what they are doing.

They also helped answer questions to all family members and was very professional at timekeeping and they had an amazing detailed rundown (which felt like they covered every contingency that could happen). I felt like there was lots of Vickys on my wedding day who just miraculously appeared with things, items, or answers I needed - much to my surprise.

I believe when any bride-to-be is reading this review, would be shocked that the time-keeping was so good that I was able to take 2 photos with my husband at the photo-booth outside the banquet hall before we had our march in! I was so happy about that!

Vicky, you are really good at what you do and I really mean it. 
You and your crew really made my wedding day so smooth. I know there is a lot of hard work in the background and that many don't see it, but it is those small things that make any bride relaxed and stress-free! Your attention to detail and patience towards everyone, and the ability to deal with wedding issues under stress and time pressure is very impressive.

Thank you so much once again and I hope that every bride who hires you will have the same service and feel so happy to write you a review (2 days after their wedding)!

I wish the team all the best! Thank you for making my wedding day so perfect! I am so grateful and happy <3

Yvonne & Colin

Four Seasons Hong Kong