Carl and I wanted to thank your team, and especially YOU BOTH again for your amazing work planning this wedding and for your absolutely impressive work. You have put together a wonderful team of people! It was so hectic with so many people and so many moving parts and unexpected things, but you two made it all go smoothly. And everything was so beautiful and perfect. Every single person there including Carl and I had a blast! (You can tell since we needed to extend an hour- thank you for helping with that!)

I know we've already seen you in person to thank you already, but we wanted to thank you again here for all your hard work and professionalism throughout the wedding planning process, and especially for our wedding day.  You two are truly an amazing pair and have put together an incredibly remarkable team, including all the partners you have in the whole wedding industry.

Carl & I cannot imagine how we could have had such an amazing wedding without you two! Especially the day of our wedding, I don't think we would have known what to do/where to go without your team and the incredible Ritz staff.
I had no idea and did not even worry about what time it was throughout the whole day (until towards the end when the banquet was running late and we were worried about the dancing, haha), because I fully trusted and saw how professionally your team managed the time/coordination and handled all situations that came about. There was not a single moment where we worried about where we had to go/what we had to do because you or your team were guiding us almost every single minute!

We will no doubt recommend you to our family & friends, do the reviews on social media, and keep you in mind for future events!  :)

Thank you again. I hope we stay in touch!  Let us know if you ever are in Portland, Oregon!  We hope you and your family a prosperous and happy year!

Mandy & Carl from USA 

Dear Vicky & Issac,

Thank you so much for all the efforts and made the wedding so wonderful. I definitely will recommend you and Issac to any "in-law to be" that we know in Hong Kong. 

Everyone was so impressed by the wedding decorations, the professional timing coordination which made everything go smooth as planned.  Mr Tsang is also so impressed about you and your team's calm and patience for handling all the issues that need to be solved right away.

We definitely will hire "The Theme Wedding Design" as our future event planner for our any upcoming event. Thanks again for making Mandy's & Carl's wedding so successful and wonderful.

Mrs. Tsang
Mother of the Bride


Mandy & Carl