We wanted to say a huge thank you to The Theme Wedding for everything the team have done for us.
When Danny and I got engaged, the thought of planning a wedding was incredibly daunting. By listening and understanding our desires and needs, the team created a stunning experience that surpassed our dreams.


Thank you for being so calm, receptive, available and constantly going above and beyond to answer questions, put our worries at ease and make this whole experience special for us.


They were very knowledgeable, never imposed their opinions on us and was able to use their expertise to turn any "great" ideas of ours into truly amazing ones.
Along with our families and guests, we truly had an unforgettable day with memories that we will keep forever. Vicky, Issac and their team are the ones to thank for every detail and there was no way that we could have organised the wedding by ourselves.


It was especially good on the day itself to be able to step back from all of the logistics and just be the Bride and Groom, so thank you both so much for that!

Yinny & Danny

Rosewood Hong Kong

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