Once again would like to thank you so much for your professional help on our wedding day!

At first we did not think a wedding designer/planner could help our wedding since I enjoyed the planning process very much and I thought I could handle most of the stuffs. I have even planned most things and contacted most vendors by myself.

Luckily, we have finally decided to find you! Without you and your team, our wedding day wouldn't be that smooth; Davin and I couldn't enjoy the day so much!

With your team around, it was a total hassle free day. No matter for us, even for our bridesmaids and groomsmen, were all able to have fun and not to worry any single little thing. Everything was managed by your team in good order; schedule and timing were under control.

You are the best! You know what the Bride wants!

As spoke, I'd definitely recommend you to my to-be-married friends, and I'm sure we will meet again in my friends' wedding soon.

Janice & Davin

Harbour Grand Kowloon