Thank you so much for your great effort, I really can't imagine how the situation would be if without you and your team.


From the pre-wedding planning till the wedding day arrangement, you and your team did a really great job and helped us a lot. All of our guests enjoyed the wedding so much and they were appreciated on the wedding theme design.


Thank you for the arrangement and coordination. Hope to see you soon on the upcoming wedding.

- from Mrs. Kwok


It's perfect to have The Theme Wedding Deisgn on our wedding planning since one and a half year ago. She designed our perfect wedding which definitely creates a unique memory to us.


Issac has also presented his professionalism on being a MC of the night and one of the coordinators of the whole-day schedule. I truly believed they had devoted themselves so much on event planning that not only treated as their career but to have a heartfelt blessing to the brides and grooms by means of which is the same as their tagline - Create your Perfect Wedding. It is not only a service; friendship is also built among us. We sincerely thank you for the great day.

- from Mr. Kwok


Zinnia & Roy

Hotel ICON