Thanks so much to The Theme Wedding Design for bringing out the best of the ideas in our wedding. I cannot thank you more for your ideas and your advice in all the little details, they helped link up the whole wedding theme. Thanks for making my dream wedding come true.


Before the big day, I could hardly really visualize the whole thing; I found it hard to put different pieces of wedding details and decoration together into one picture. But Vicky's words reassured me and her profession eased my worries and queries.


On the big day, I put all the worries away and actually I got no time and no way to worry about anything, all I could do was to hand over everything to their team. Thanks for their excellent teamwork and coordination, the whole decoration and little arrangements were set perfectly. I was stunned when I could finally see 'the whole picture' right in front of me.


My wedding dream came true and I felt like living in a fairy tale. I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to The Theme Wedding for bringing a wonderful start of our marriage; it would be definitely one of the most precious moments in our marriage.


Thanks once again for being our wedding designer and wedding planner!


Vanessa & Ricky