Firstly, thank you for making a perfect day for us. Memories are priceless and there is no second chance for such an important day for the family and for Lina and me.


At first, both of us had been wondering if a wedding planning service is needed but after working with the team for a few days, they managed to show us top-notch professionalism in and convinced us that the retention of your service is perhaps one of the most important elements, if not the most important elements in creating the perfect wedding.


We have received nothing but positive comments from guests on the rundown of the day as well as all arrangements. The bridal party meeting was perfect and the having Issac accompanying the groomsmen team and having Vicky accompanying the bridal team on day with delegation and separation of duties from the best husband and wife dynamic duo made a huge difference. Issac and Vicky are extremely detail-oriented, patient and personable towards the 2 families and us.


As everyone knows, it is almost impossible to keep all parties happy in a big wedding but they had managed to keep all family members happy ultimately and this is usually mission impossible.


Without the help from the best couple team, our day would not be so perfect.


Lina & Eugene

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong